Aparna Agrawal

sculpture, time-based work, installations, painting, drawing

studio : Studio #83, 20 Vernon St., 7th floor
email : aparnaku@comcast.net
web : www.aparnaart.net


  • Wheels
    2013. Foam, filament, paint, 2.25 minute video. Installation of 15 wheels hung from the celing. 65 x 120 x 61 inches.
  • First Flight
    2012. Rice paper, beeswax, 30 minute audio loop. 81 x 112 x 89 inches. Variable size installation of 8 tricycles.
  • Great Diversity
    2007, oil, mixed media on canvas, 36" x 36"
  • Ancient Soldier
    2008, mixed media on board, 30" x 20"

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I make Sculpture, Time Based work, Installations, Paintings and Drawings; I move fluidly between these mediums, based on the ideas I want to communicate which may require a multimedia, multisensory, experiential and collaborative approach. Video and sound, along with sculpture and drawing, allow me to layer multiple overlapping forms of meaning in one work.

I¹ve been working with some of the same themes in my work for 20 years- themes of loss, meaning and memory of cultural heritage, the spirit in nature and community, the gesture of silence and contemplation. I value the handmade, the process of labor, the material choices of plaster, clay, rice paper, beeswax, thread, cotton, and pigment to make sculptural forms that elicit a deep emotion from an object. Viewers of my sculptural work have noted threads of abstract Eastern concepts of spirit, belonging, existence, luminosity, and translucence. These works often have quiet longing and sadness and speak about the body, its gesture, and its subtle narrative.

In my video, sound, and interactive works, I document everyday situations which provide a germ of an idea which I expand upon. When I seek an active dialogue with others, I invite them to enter a creative process. Through thinking, recollecting, and participating in work, viewers and I become partners. Viewers have recorded their voices, made drawings, and/or completed a puzzle.

To see more of my work in sculpture, painting, installations, and video/sound, please look at my artist website www.aparnaart.net and visit my studio #83 at 20 vernon st, somerville 7th floor.