Paul Arsenault

Drawing & Painting

studio : 20 Vernon Street, 2nd Floor
website :
email :


  • Sparrow
    Cold Pressed Steel, 65" x 65"
  • The Birth of an Idea
    Oil paint and pencil on panel, 25" x 25"
  • Yesterday
    Cold Pressed Steel, 65" x 65"
  • Every Artist Has a 'The Scream' in Them
    Oil paint and charcoal on canvas, 25" x 25"

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Mission statement:

Paul is a paint slinger.

There may be other words to describe what he tries to do. Story-teller, replicator, investigator, mad-scientist, moonlighter, expressionist, innovative, stodgy, aching, colorful, shabby, and intuitive are a few of the many, both good and bad. They all push, pull and twist his art in their own direction.

The whole bundle of thoughts and words, emotions, experiences and ideas are always channeled through a great desire to create something that can only be done within a given medium's characteristics. Paul strives to let the work carry his ideas through the qualities of the material as only they can, while holding on to the formal elements deemed necessary to each individual work. Through exploration of these concepts; Paul's current works have taken divergent paths.

One path is an exploration of the curiosities, barriers, and masks one constructs (or is perceived to wear) while existing in a structured society. The other path is an investigation into the beauty, simplicity, and expressiveness of line. The former has taken hold using paint in two dimensions, the latter in steel and 3 dimensions.

Both are a result of trying to create a form of expression around an idea by asking simple questions.

Neither, thankfully, have any end in sight.