Holland Dieringer


studio : Studio 26, 6 Vernon Street, 2nd floor
website : www.hollanddieringer.com
email : holland.dieringer@gmail.com


  • transformative nature (part of The Heralds Series)
    6x6 inches, gouache, handmade paper, woodcut and 24c gold leaf on birch
  • baby made rebel
    12x12 inches, gouache, pencil and acrylic on birch
  • the light within me honors the light within you
    12x12 inches, gouache, handmade paper and pencil on birch
  • marionetta
    12x12 inches, gouache, acrylic, pencil, found and handmade papers on birch

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I am a classically trained artist, painter by trade, curator by profession, and colorist by obsession. Though my visual tangents range from exploring the seat of the soul to dissecting what it means to be human, ultimately I am trying to create more beauty in this world.

My process is very meditative (read: time-consuming). I currently work with a combination of traditional gouache, pencil, charcoal, acrylic, hand-made papers, etchings, silkscreen, fabric, enamel and found images. Most of my current work is very small, but I have begun to re-investigate the larger format. Most supports are either plywood, birch or paper.