Christine Palamidessi

Sculpture / Writing / Painting

studio: Studio 89
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  • Francesca (Brazil series)
    waxed and tinted Italian gesso on brocade upholstered board. 18 x 24 x 3 inches.
  • Time/Tiempo (Otranto Cannonball series)
    gesso & oil on cartapesta. 24-inch diameter x 9-inches deep.
  • Yogini with Pune Belt (wearable art, Yogi series)
    waxed plaster and Indian cotton yoga belt. 14 x 11 x 3.
  • Tiete River (Brazil series)
    Mixed Media - peat, felt, string, handmade papers, acrylic, oil, wax. 18 x 13 x 4.5.

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My sculptures reflect the boundary between the physical and the spiritual, the place where Soul, or life-force, pushes up against Skin, or surfaces. They are very tribal.

For about seven years I have been exploring the torso as a vehicle for expressing time, place, tribe: the torso being where the heart resides and where we touch when we speak of Self/self. My torsos are made from impressions of real people and contain the transference of each person’s energy into the finished art. I have completed a series on Greek Gods,Yogi and Brazilians.  In addition to torso sculpture, I have “captured the energy” of cannonballs from the 1480 Turkish siege of Otranto, Italy; and, closer to home, have created “street art” from sidewalks casts I made in and around Harvard Square with the intention of consolidating upwards and downwards pressure and energies made apparent on a walking surface.

Sculptures are created from found objects, plaster, paper, wax and a traditional Italian technique--cartapesta (in some circles known aspaper mache). ( I studied with a cartapesta master in Lecce, Southern Italy. )  Incorporating my past artistic training as a writer/novelist/writing professor I often text inside and/or on the surface of my sculptures. 
The marks and making of my art are supported by the theory that energy can be changed or transferred but never created or destroyed; the friction is a linear concept of time.

I was born in Pittsburgh and live in Cambridge. I earned a MFA from Boston University in Fiction Writing, where I taught writing for 13 years. The novels and non-fiction I wrote were well-received. My memoir “Grandmothers” was awarded by the MBTA and UrbanArts and was consequently engraved on a granite monolith and installed at the Jackson Square MBTA station. About ten years ago I experienced a major life transformation and switched from writing to the visual arts: my sculptures have been exhibited in East Coast galleries, museums and restaurants and in Italy and are in private collections in the US, Dominican Republic, Brazil and Italy.

If you would like to see more images, and read artistic statement and cv, I would be very pleased if you took a look at my website.